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Young Writers Clubs

Those who decide to take up writing when they are still young have a distinct advantage; nobody's writing is ever perfect, but if you can learn from experience then you can hone your skills over time to improve as you go along. The benefit of learning from others, however, is something that should never be overlooked, and that is why young writers clubs are often a great way of gaining experience, both in writing and in getting to know other writers.

If you look back through literary history the amount of correspondence and networking between writers is quite considerable; these people move in the same circles and are driven by the same thing - the desire to write. Meeting and associating with likeminded people is a great way to get an idea of the field as it stands, and discussing your work and reading that of others can be an excellent way of advancing your standing in your direct circle.

This applies to young writers as much as it does to those who are already experienced, and perhaps more so.

Young writers clubs exist in many forms: there are those associated with schools and colleges, and those that are run by young writers' magazines. There are many that operate online and offer correspondence digitally, and there are those that are organised by local authorities.

Joining a young writers club makes great sense for it allows you an outlet to practise your art other than the routine that you apply to your writing; the club goes beyond the teaching you will receive in your classes at school or college and becomes more personal, and also more fun. The idea of such clubs is to help people - young people - to improve their technique and to get to grips with the rules of writing and the discipline involved in writing on a regular basis.

Look for young writers clubs with an internet search, or visit your local library and see if there is one advertised; contact young writers' magazines and see if they have a club to join or - if you are so inclined - start your own writers club locally or online. There are many benefits to being associated with and associating with other young writers - take advantage while you can.

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