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Write Reviews for Money

Have you ever wondered who it is that writes the reviews of consumer items you read in magazines and on websites? Well here's something that may interest - it could you!

Many people make money by writing reviews of products and services for magazines and on the internet, and they get to do so by starting at the very bottom of the tree. If you go to your usual search engine and ask it to look for freelance reviewers you will be given a choice of various websites at which you can apply to write reviews. Membership of these sites -which act as a sort of employment agency - is generally free, and once you have registered you will be given a list of current jobs in your area of expertise.

The key is not to narrow that area down too much: you may wish to review computer games only, but then so does everyone else. The key reason for doing this is to make money, so look for areas that are not over-subscribed.

Bidding is a case of making an offer to someone who is inviting all comers to bid; for this reason it is important to consider your bid carefully. Take a look at similar jobs and if the buyer has indicated a price range pitch yourself - in the first instance - at the lower end. As you gain in experience you will be able to command higher prices.

Reviewing is about being honest; anyone engaging you to write a review will give you an idea of the aspects they wish to be covered, and the style in which they want the review. Remember you are writing for someone else - not yourself - and what they say goes.

There is plenty of money to be made in writing reviews but as with all jobs the ladder is one you need to climb; it make take time to reach the upper rungs, but with patience and learning you will soon be earning money writing reviews!

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