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Write Book Reviews for Money

Each year thousands of authors publish thousands of books; fiction, no fiction reference and more, books sell in varying numbers but one thing that can strongly influence how well a book sells is its reviews. Reviews are published in industry publications, newspapers, magazines and on the internet, and you could make money by writing book reviews!

If you think you would be good at writing book reviews you need to know the basics; a review is brief overview of the book - plot or content included in synopsis - with your personal opinion of its overall feel, and a final recommendation. It is to be read by those who may be interested in buying the book with a view to getting someone else's idea of how good it is, or if it is worth reading.

There are many minor publications where you can place book reviews, many of which will pay (use the search engine and type in 'book reviews') and there are several other places where you can find avenues for writing paid reviews. The writing world has many house publications - writers guides and so on - and these are useful places for finding review websites and publications; the local press is always a good place to ask if they want reviewers, especially if the books are of local interest; local radio stations may also want a regular book reviewer, and this can lead to bigger things too, while the search engine option is always a good one to start with.

One thing to remember is that major publications will be inundated with reviews and reviewers, so your chances of getting reviews published in a well known weekly without prior exposure are minimal.

Do not let that put you off, however, for the publishing world is replete with many smaller publications and these are worth trying. Remember to read the chosen publication first to get an idea of the style they require, and to follow any review format and submission guidelines they may have, and make sure that your review is grammatically correct, of the required length and correctly formatted for inclusion - all aspects the publication will inform you of.

Writing book reviews is fun and enjoyable, but if it can be made profitable then it becomes even more so - start now, you never know where it may lead.

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