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Online Writers Groups

The writers group is something that has always been prevalent in the world of literature, as likeminded people chose to meet up and discuss the events of the day and their latest work, and the advent of the internet has opened up the concept to that of online writers groups, now a very popular place for those wishing to write and - on the whole - useful networking opportunities, too.

So what do you stand to gain by joining online writers groups? That depends upon the sort of group you join, for there are groups that set out with different aims.

Popular are the community groups, those intended to bring writers together and provide a promotional opportunity for your work. These are where writers talk to each other about their work and gain information on possible outlets for others, and the experience of one person is always a welcome advantage in discovering new ways to get published.

Critique groups focus more on being there to give you advice and criticism on your work, and there are many of them. These are very useful as it will be fellow writers offering advice and criticism on your work, and they will be able to base their advice upon that given to them, particularly when it comes to preparing your work for publication.

In many critique groups you get to read others work and offer your opinion, too, and these can take on the form of operating as both critiques and community groups, while being able to read others work and give your opinion is an excellent way of honing your art and getting an idea of the techniques of others.

Groups such as Writers Cafe and The Write Idea are well known and well regarded community critique writers groups with large numbers of subscribers, and can be very helpful in helping you towards your aim. Furthermore, if your writing is genre specific there are many online writers groups that are aimed specifically at certain areas - science fiction and horror are very well subscribed in this area - where you can go to have your work read and commented on by other writers in that area.

The great thing about online writers groups is that you get to know other writers without the need for travel; you may find you are talking to writers from all across the world, and this gives the online version a much greater scope than the local writing circle. Try it and see, you have nothing to lose.

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