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Do You Want to Become a Freelance Author?

The attraction of making money by writing is one that seems romantic and ideal to many, but is it a realistic proposition? There is money to be made writing, and the freelance option is often the best route to follow, but far from being romantic the life of a freelance author is one of hard work and a great deal of discipline.

If we are to talk about the money-spinning authors of novels that sell in their millions across the world it is vital to remember that these people work day in, day out, writing all the time in a disciplined fashion, and much of what they write - the great majority in fact - may well be discarded as unusable. This is the life of a freelance author - one of writing forcibly and producing work that may never be used.

However, there are freelance writers who write articles and reviews, and these are people who can bring in a decent amount of money and garner a great deal of regular work. If you put freelance writer into your search engine you will be presented with a number of opportunities; beware those that offer you 'get rich quick' schemes working from home - there is no get rich quick method of writing.

What you need to look for are those that want people to research and write short articles on various subjects; these are great starting points for those who wish to try out the life of a freelance author, and while the pay is not fantastic it can be a worthwhile addition to the monthly income.

Once you have tried a few of these you need to weigh up the pros and cons of becoming a freelance author: it is time consuming, it needs great discipline and you must write every day as planned, plus you need a decent home office set up, somewhere quiet and secluded to work and to be able to go periods of time without a regular income.

On the plus side, you get to work to your own routine, you are doing something you want to do, you work - if you wish - from home and miss out the rat race, and you may - if successful - end up making a good living from writing.

There is much to discuss and decide, and the best way is to do as we have said and try some short, simple article writing work; that way you can decide if you have the discipline and the nous to become a freelance author - beware, it is not for everyone!

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