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Creative Writing - Some Useful Tips

Creative writing is all about putting a point across in the best possible way and engaging the reader with creative use of words; think of it as painting a picture with word and you have a good idea of what it is all about. Creative writing is something that anyone wishing to make a living from writing - from writing anything, that is - should master, for even the shortest of adverts benefits from creativity. Let's have a look at some essential tips that help towards good creative writing.

1: Be alert - this means at all times; inspiration is something that is essential to creative writing, and when it comes to the everyday routine there are many things which, perhaps surprisingly, can help the creative process and provide material or ideas. It could be the way a person is dressed, something someone says, an odd sight you see or a headline in a newspaper - whatever it is have a notebook handy and make a note of it - everything, anything, could come in useful.

2: Be open to criticism - a vital part of the creative writing process is in getting others to give you an opinion. Show or read your work - whatever it is - to a selection of people at every stage, and this way you can iron out faults; what you think is wonderful others may not!

3: Set aside time to write - it is no good putting it off until tomorrow, if you decide you are going to write - a novel, short story, poem or whatever - you need to commit yourself to a time every day during which you will write. Even if there is nothing to write about, get the pen and paper out and force yourself to write - it's a tough discipline, but an essential one.

4: Join a club - there are many writing groups around and there is bound to be one local to you. Being able to converse with like-minded others helps in getting ideas so join one and enter into the spirit of things.

5: Don't overdo it - contrary to popular belief creative writing is not all about using flowery language and a surplus of words; in fact, it can just as easily be about the opposite - being succinct and to the point. Why use ten words to say something when five will do? Editing is the greatest thing in the world - use it wisely.

6: Enjoy it - don't set out to write a novel in the first instance as you will soon find it tiresome; start by writing short pieces about anything at all, using the notes we talked about earlier, and make sure that you enjoy writing. You may be thinking of creative writing as a money maker, but in the first instance you need to make sure it is not simply a chore!

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