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About Online Writing Courses

Writing is an art that everyone develops with experience, and your writing now will be notably different to that you produce in ten years time. As you write more you learn more about the technique, and when you change your style you bring in new influences, and many writers early in their career are inclined to indulge in writing courses, with those available online being the most popular. Are online writing courses any good?

There are advantages, and disadvantages, to choosing an online writing course. The advantages are clear to see - you learn from home, you do all the work in your own time and you work at your own pace - but the disadvantages less obvious. While there will be one to one digital contact with a tutor, and possibly contact with other participants by way of forums and discussion boards, the lack of face to face communication can be less than satisfactory, Some online writing courses offer regular tutorials at which the participants can meet with tutors and other pupils, but the locations for these can be limited.

However, the question is whether the positives outweigh the negatives. Undoubtedly there are some very useful and successful online writing courses out there, and the beauty of broadband internet means work can be forwarded and returned electronically and in an instant. This is a time saving advantage that is a mark for the online course as opposed to correspondence courses that include regular posting of material. Being able to get your work to and from your tutors in this manner is cheap, too.

It could be that you find your online writing course is attended by others in your general locality, in which case there is nothing stopping you from organising a meet on a regular basis where you can discuss the merits of work so far and compare notes. This is an advantage of university courses, where students can work together to get the best out of the system.

Online courses are cost effective and often very well planned, working to regular time deadlines and with set requirements, and if you want to work in your own time they are very possibly the best way of improving your writing technique.

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